Mindful Tribal Fusion Bellydance
Join me at Dance GardenLA in Atwater Village

Mondays in May & June 2018

6:30pm  Beginner   *1st class is free*  Drills in tribal style fundamentals, group improv, short tribal fusion combos  and finger cymbals.

7:30pm Intermediate  This class takes layering to the next level, does more complex drills & combos and finger cymbals.

Follow DanceGardenLA &/or Heather Shoopman on FB for weekly
updates on what we’re working on and music themes.

More info? Email dancewithshoop@gmail.com

www.dancegardenla.com in Atwater Village, Los Angeles


*Monthly Sunday Savasana* with Reiki & Sound

Atwater Village

*Balance * Heal * Rejuvenate*

Take time to recharge the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies during this gentle, healing class. We begin with breath and meditation. Using yin and restorative yoga we will softly guide the body into full relaxation in an extended, supported savasana or corpse pose. During rest you are bathed in aromatherapy, reiki and a sweet sound bath with crystal bowls, chimes & tuning forks. Balance the energy field and chakras in the deeply satisfying experience of complete surrender. Clear the way for your light to shine even brighter. Global healing starts here!

Please bring yoga mat, 2 to 4 yoga blankets, eye pillow (light eye covers will be provided) and a pillow or 2. There are a few yoga bolsters available.

Dance Garden LA on Sunday April 29


$20 drop in OR current Dance Garden class card holders can reserve 2 SSS for 3 punches



The sisterhood is for women to have a safe gathering space in the spirit of self -care and personal wellbeing!
I will lead various activities, discussions and meditations designed to encourage connecting with pure consciousness or true self.
The idea is to create community and provide inspiration for cultivating your own personal nurturing practice. There is a corresponding Facebook group where you can stay connected and find inspiration every day.

Join the Facebook  Sisterhood community for (almost) daily inspirations and a tribe of real women to converse with. Event’s are posted there as well as on my FB and IG pages.

ShoopTV on Youtube for short, informative (mostly yoga) videos.

Prenatal Bellydance  ~ private classes available

Pre and Post Natal Bellydance
Awaken your inner goddess and learn the language connected to the feminine consciousness!!
Prenatal bellydance is an excellent preparation for the delivery room and beyond.
In addition to creating a stronger connection with your baby, it will tone and strengthen all of the muscle groups needed for childbirth.  You will gain body awareness thereby helping you develop trust for your body. You will learn specific movements for calming the baby or to help them change positions during pregnancy, as well as moves to help support, stimulate and expel during birth.
Bellydance also reduces pressure and tension in the body, so you can have a less painful birthing experience and an easier recovery.
Continuing a post delivery dance practice will help with the adjustments your body and mind are making.  Beyond the physical advantages, bellydance also offers a terrific mental boost. It clears the mind, enhances your mood, energy level and self-image.
In class we will do light stretching, learn dance moves and their specific benefits,
discuss self massage and end with a grounding, loving meditation.
Pregnancy is the perfect time to explore bellydance, an ancient birth ritual created by women for women.
**As with any exercise program, you should always consult with your health care professional before beginning. Even if you are physically limited, you may be able to perform some moves lying down in practice and birth.

Check my facebook fan page for last minute announcements:

for dance

for yoga and meditation


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