♥ Heather is a natural healer with sincere intention. After a bodywork session with her, I feel mentally and physically rejuvenated. She has a calming energy and brings a relaxing atmosphere, all with a great personality to make you feel well taken care of. Most importantly, she has the knowledge, experience and keen sense to know the spots that need working on the most while giving attention to your complete body as well as your mind and spirit.  ~Amar

♥ You are an inspiration in how to enjoy life.   ~Nina

♥ great class last night, heather!   you are so inspirational!    ~Rina

Thank you for sharing your healing gifts with us, your intuition about other’s physical and emotional needs is incredibly on point. Thank you for your compassion and gentle nature. I’ve learned so much about myself in just the first class that I took with you. Your advice has helped me sleep better and opened me further to an internal healing path with myself. ~ Yuliya

 ♥ Thank you for the positive energy you bring to the Tribal classes.  I continue to be amazed at how much we are learning.     ~Robyn

♥ I just wanna tell you how happy I am that I got this amazing opportunity to know an awesome teacher like you. I really admire the way you dance & teach. Going to your class is so much fun …I’m dancing!!! You put creativity, spice & amazing energy in your dance & as a student I feel that. All in all I’m a shy person believe it or not but you have a way in letting that shyness comes out not only me but others too from your class….you bring out that creativity & grace in each one of us. You might think it’s crazy but your class always lift my spirit up & helped me overcome of what I’m experiencing right now. So, Heather thank GOD for you. You have the best personality & humor I’ve ever met. Keep the great moves coming.           ~gRaCe~

♥ I wanted to let you know what a fantastic dancer and
teacher I think you are. You have such a wonderful way
of expressing yourself, both verbally and through your
dance that is really inspiring.  I am learning so much
in your classes.  I have to admit that I kind of dread
the improv  exercise at the end of class.  But last
night, for the first time, I started to feel
comfortable doing it.  As I learn more and more I
anticipate a time when I will actually look forward to
it!  Thank you again for sharing your special gifts.  I
can’t wait to see you in class next week!      ~Leila

You are an inspirational teacher – along with dance technique and expression I’ve learned from you to love my body and all of the amazing things it can do; how to be patient with myself; how to open myself up to others through dance; how to uncover myself (literally and figuratively) and connect with others. Being around teachers every day, I can tell you tell you are one of the truly gifted, special ones. Your spirit naturally draws others in and makes the experience of learning belly dance transcendental.   ~Claudia

♥ I love everything about your classes.  Not only do you
offer bellydance (which you teach EXTREMELY well and
perform so beautifully!), but in addition there’s
humor, bonding, healing, support, sharing and caring
in your classes as well.  I go home after each class
feeing so energized and happy.  This is the way it
should be.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!      ~Patty

♥ I love the way you teach belly dancing!  You help to connect the dance to it’s beautiful legacy as a special dance by woman as well as bringing in new dimensions — such as  using the dance as a way to open and expand your chakras.  Taking your classes has helped me connect to my sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and ultimately to myself.  ~Monick

♥ Heather made my dream of learning Tribal Fusion Belly Dance accessible, and by doing so- made it into a life path. Her attention to detail with her students(myself included) has helped me push my technique from beginner to professional. Her classes are not only informative and constructive, but also incredibly fun! She has helped me along my dance journey and has become one of my closest friends in the process. There will never be enough words to thank her for sharing her gift with me.
– Calamity Sam

♥ I attended Heathers workshop in Inverness, Scotland and would like to say how much I enoyed the class.  I am very  much a beginner…. I am very enthusiastic and took a lot away from the day.  Heather ,please return to Inverness as along with others who attended we would be delighted to welcome you back.  Thanks,  kind regards,  Brenda

♥ I had never had a massage before my session with Heather. I was timid and a bit frightened of it all- but I had a gigantic muscle knot on my back that was inhibiting my shoulder movement. Something HAD to be done whether I was scared or not! Heather took me through everything step by step, letting me be aware of everything she was doing- and how it would help. She was incredibly thorough and I could not believe the difference in my body and mind after my healing session. Heather not only used her experience as a massage therapist, but also added some elements of aroma therapy, opening a whole new world of relaxing scents that I can use on a daily basis to try and maintain a relaxed existence. Through my healing sessions with her, I have not only gained the benefits of massage, but also an introductory education on maintaining a healthy body; and as I dancer, I can’t thank her enough for that.  ~Samantha

♥ I have received several healing sessions from Heather, and I must say she is the absolute best healer that I’ve ever encountered. She is pleasant, efficient and her techniques are powerful. She asked me specific questions to establish what I wanted to address, then performed exactly the correct techniques to handle those areas. What I needed was massage, and she is simply the most skilled massage therapist that I’ve encountered. When she was finished, I felt like I floated out of the room, and felt good for quite some time afterwards. I felt mentally and physically better; my body felt refreshed, the pain was much reduced, and mentally I felt as if some weight had been lifted from my shoulders.   ~Richard



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