In my practice over the many years of being with people one one one I have come to realize one thing~ we are all looking for the time to even begin to notice what we need. Once we find some time, we wonder where to begin. We know there is work to be done, yet we’re unsure how to find the light and begin that healing process.

I enjoy pulling from my enormous tool box and looking through those pages of life experience together to create the ultimate, ideal personal practice for YOU. Yours will be quite different from anyone else’s. Whether we meet once, once per week or go on retreat together I promise there will be seeds planted. I only invite those who wish to collaborate, for you will have to nurture those seeds as your own babies of creation. Together we work toward creating the body, mind and spirit of your own visioning. I am here to remind you of the powers you have access to within you and all around you.

We begin our work with a consultation that is really a conversation about where you are, what brought you to me and what you hope to accomplish. We will get a feel for each other and decide how to proceed. We will address the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My work is based mostly in yoga, however there are many elements that come in from various sources based on your needs (such as aromatherapy, chakras, crystals, dance, magic, meditation, nature, sound, song, tarot). We work together and there is homework for you to continue the work. This is a transformational process for those who are ready to see change. I am here to support you!

There are many payment options that allow you to save money and make a commitment all at once. Check it out below, and please let me know if you have any questions. We are in this together!!

SESSIONS     Pay: Weekly     Bi-weekly     Monthly
1 per week            $50             $85                 $175

2 per week             $90             $170              $325

3 per week             $120           $220              $420

Payment vial Venmo, Paypal or Square. I also accept good old cash and checks too!

*Monthly Subscriber Bonus* Take one of your sessions as a restore with reiki & sound private session. Oooh so relaxing 🙂

*please note there may be an additional fee dependent upon where we meet*