Kick start your self care this spring!

Spring is here! The cosmic energies are whirling and life is abuzz with hope and inspiration. Sometimes it can feel like too much and leave you longing for a day lounging in the hammock. These daydreams are your soul speaking to you about what it needs. Happiness, peace, freedom, love all start from within~and they become possible when we make time for ourselves as the number one priority in life. When we accept the idea that we are enough, and in fact making the world a better place by taking care of ourselves and just BE-ING.

The importance of self care has become my number one passion in life. My mission is to develop tools for every income and lifestyle that will bring care to your daily routine. I have been deep in the lab creating ways for you to nurture the body, mind and spirit. From classes to retreats to private sessions, I hope to collaborate in your self care soon.

I have recently become a Reiki master and will continue to spread the joy and love of this beautiful healing energy as long as this life allows. Stay tuned for Level 1 trainings~ in the meantime my incredible teacher Scott Smith will be doing a level 1 in July.

I have also been studying the art of conscious relaxation with the talented Amber Voiles. Stay tuned: a local Reiki & Restore retreat with the two of us is coming in fall.

I’m leading a gentle loving class called Moon Yoga the last Thursday of every month at Dance Garden LA, as well as sharing a beautiful, chill yoga class on self care at Movement Art Space on Sunday, May 1.

I’ll be sharing chakra healings, moon yoga and nurturing energy on this Self-Love retreat in May. There are only a few spots left, and you can still pre-register and save.

Please see the Booking/Healing Sessions tab above for details about my work and scheduling a session. I am holding *SPRING DISCOUNT DAYS* at my studio in Glassell Park at various times throughout the season. Check back here and/or follow my Facebook page MEDITATE WITH SHOOP to stay in the loop.

Celebrate spring, rebirth and the mother by nurturing your soul. Spend time getting quiet, rejuvenating your nervous system and communicating with your higher self. My intention will be initiate healing in any areas where you feel stuck or out of balance. I will address the energy body with and the major chakras. We’ll set your intention for the session and get to work with aromatherapy, reiki and sound healing. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, nurtured and inspired!  $20 per half hour up to 90 minutes.


Wednesday, April 27~FULL    Thursday, April 28   Friday, April 29

There are a limited number of spots left, please email or facebook message me a time window for at least 2 of the above days to reserve your spot.


May you always be happy and free………. Shoop




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