Auspicious Autumn Abounds

I love this time of year! Even though we don’t get the full on experience weather wise, we can bask in the tradition that autumn brings. Football, school, weather shift, shorter days, soup, scarves and holidays oh my! With all of the buzz, be sure to take good care of yourself. Try this wonderful time out in the morning: before you rise take a pillow (you may want to fold it if it’s flat) and place at the upper to middle spine area. Lie back and rest with an elevated chest. Use another pillow for your head, and perhaps another for under your knees. You may also like an eye pillow. Let any tension go in the scalp, behind the eyes, in the jaw and tongue. Relax the hands and arms, let the legs relax as the feet roll outward, and let the back of the body melt into the bed and pillow. Breathe deeply and feel the muscles move away from the bones. Send love to your organs nestled in your tummy. Relax here for 5-15 minutes in gratitude.
Check out my class page for new yoga times this season.
I’m taking a break from bellydance to focus on hip hop fusion! Come check out my Monday night class if you’re curious, it’s a beginner level choreography that’s super fun and will be performed at Dance Garden’s winter recital December 20.
Lastly I’ve become a Reiki Master and am pleased to share this gift with you. As I transition my business away from massage and into energy healing, I am offering pay what you can sessions in my Glassell Park studio on select days in November and December. Shoot me an email to schedule yours!
~In light~ Shoop


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