Unplugging in NaTuRe


Love Mother Nature ~ the benefits are well worth it!

Our daily lives seem to be quite plugged in. No matter where we are, our smart (are they smart?) phones are attached to us, keeping our connection to the world around us live and accessible. At the touch of a finger we can ask for directions, post a photo or comment, answer a question, see what’s going on with friends and family, look for a dinner reservation….the possibilities are endless. With all of the external stimulation, you may not be using your brain to it’s full potential. If your life feels overwhelmed, focus feels difficult, you fantasize about running away with the circus…these are all signs that a break in nature would do you some good. Ideally, it takes about 3 days to really get reset and change the pace. If that isn’t possible for you at the moment, a nice weekend away or even a walk in the park with the phone turned off will do you good.

In today’s world it’s important to recharge the batteries of the body and mind, not just the phone or tablet. Many of us have weekly activities such as outings with friends, dates, golf, dance, painting, hiking that we consider to be meditative and good for the soul. While keeping your activities up and having connection with those around you is important, it’s just as important to give quality alone time to yourself. The brain has difficulty learning and remembering when it gets too bogged down with intake & fatigued by multi-tasking. You wanna hear something crazy? You are actually taking up precious brainpower by anticipating email or texts. Essentially by thinking about your device you take away brain space that could otherwise be used for things like new ideas, inspirations, reasoning etc.

I recently took a trip to the lovely Sequoias of King’s Canyon, and the quiet I experienced there has traveled back into the city with me and helped me stay calm. I can just close my eyes and recall the memory of the wind in the trees, the sound of the birds chirping and pecking and how good everything smelled. Creating these memories for yourself are a wonderful way to collect tools for the brain. I personally get out and do an overnight once a month. If life becomes full and going away is out of the question, you’ll find me walking, drawing, singing or napping in Griffith Park or at Forest Lawn. I also happen to have a lovely yard, which sometimes is just perfect for a quick reset. Try sitting with your back against a tree and taking some long, deep breaths…filling your body with the strong energy of the tree. If life is overwhelming get outside, turn off the phone and take off your shoes! Feel your feet on the earth, raise your hands to the sky and breathe!  Sing! Dance!

You can get back to your life soon enough….make sure you keep that relationship with mother nature good and nurtured.  She loves you and so do I!


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