Announcing assistant teacher Azza!

I am beyond thrilled to have such talent on my team.  Azza and I have been working hard together defining our vocabulary and pushing ourselves to be more creative through improvisation.  In addition to assisting with classes and workshops, Azza will co-teach Wednesday night’s Tribal 101 at Dance Garden.  Who is Azza?  Read on…..


Lisa Fullerton was inspired to learn bellydance after being mesmerized by the Trader’s Market dancers at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the late ‘90s. She was lucky to have such a great teacher, Kajira Djoumahna, in her area of Sonoma County, Ca and started taking classes in 2001.  She immediately fell in love with Tribal Improv and was performing in Kajira’s troupe, BlackSheep BellyDance within a year. Kajira dubbed her “Azza”, meaning young gazelle.  While being a principal member of BSBD, Azza traveled near and far assistant teaching workshops and took over BlackSheep level 2 classes when Kajira moved to Maui.  In 2006, along with other former BSBD members, Azza became a founding member of EvilEye BellyDance in Berkeley, CA.  Their commitment to taking Tribal Improv to the next level included complicated finger cymbal patterns as well as adding more traditional and folkloric bellydance into their vocabulary.  After relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a costumer, Azza started taking classes from Princess Farhana, Zahra Zuhair and Heather Shoopman.  Azza and Shoop found that they had a real connection when dancing Tribal Improv together and soon were dancing together in Heavy Metal.  Azza’s 13 years of dance experience also includes regular classes with Jill Parker, TerriAnne Gutierrez, Suhaila Salimpour and Helena Vlahos as well as countless workshops from many more.  She believes deeply in this art form and is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Group Improvisation.  She is excited to continue sharing her extensive knowledge and experience as Shoop’s assistant teacher.


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