Summer is here!

Welcome to summer!  I am so into dance class right now, I hope you’ll join me.  In Monday nights we are focused on tribal fusion drills that include locking patterns, layers, turns and travel.  This stuff rocks your home practice and is great muscle memory for solo work.  We dedicate class time each week to group improvisation and individual creativity.  Wednesday nights in Tribal 101, the pace is a bit different. We work a few moves each week, really perfecting the technique and lead changes.  It’s all about dancing together!

I am really excited about the BFLA hafla this month on June 27 because the theme is “Indie”.  I have always wanted to have an indie music hafla!  I am graciously hosting this one so come and join me.  I’ve got some cool stuff up my sleeve and some wonderful dancers to entertain you.  Details on calendar tab.

Pay what you may!  This summer I’m all about private classes in person and on skype.  Contact me and let’s work something out.  I’m here to sponsor your dance journey, let me know what you are looking for and make an offer.  Let’s make a deal!

Yours in dance~   Shoop



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