February is FABULOUS!

Happy love month!  Although Valentine’s Day consumerism can be over the top,  I look at it as a way to be sure I am loving myself, my partner, my family, my pets, my life.  Besides, my wedding anniversary is on the 7th, so I really do celebrate big love all month long.  One thing I love dearly is my dance troupe Heavy Metal.  We do tribal improvisation and are all addicted to how much fun it is!  We will be performing a few times this month, be sure to have a look at the calendar for details.  In addition I’ll be performing solos in various venues this month.  I have been working hard in the studio creating new pieces, revamping old ones and brushing up on my traditional bellydance skills.  I hope to see you at a show!  Speaking of performing,  I wrote a little blog post about creating a pre-perfomance ritual.  It includes links to download a few tracks I recorded: Relax & Just Be and Positive Affirmations for Performance Day.  You can read the post here: http://bellyfusionla.com.

Looking ahead,  I am thrilled about my special March class:  Shoop’s Sweat Shop ~ Tribal Fusion Workout.  Think bellydance plus a little bit o’ jazzercise.  It’s going to be fun and challenging, I hope you’ll come out.  Wednesdays at 6:45pm DanceGardenLA.

I’m slowly building my online library of videos.  There are full classes as well as shorter drill videos.  Is there a drill that you would like to see?  Let me know.   You can contact me through my online studio:  http://www.powhow.com/classes/heather-shoopman-dance.

In addition to dancing, I have quite a love for meditation.  I love it because the effects on my life are so great, because it has become a place I quite like to be.  You can actually request a personalized guided meditation via my online studio.  For free downloads visit my profile at https://soundcloud.com/shoop-hd. 

Take good care and be sure to love yourself.  I will leave you with this simple, short, effective practice for bringing about more self love:  sitting quietly and comfortably start by taking a deep breath in~~and let it out slowly.  Repeat this process a few times really focused on the breath itself,  taking the longest inhale and exhale possible.  Pause both after your inhale and exhale for just a moment and “be” with your body.  Just take notice of how you feel.  Notice any physical sensations going on.  Now begin to focus on your heart area.  Feel it light up and become your personal sun.  See it light up your entire body with a beautiful golden light.  Be sure you light up every corner of your body, all the way from your nose to your toes.  As you continue to breathe the light gets brighter, and turns to pink.  Bask in the gorgeous sunset of your love and smile.

I love you!



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