Ready, Set, Dance.

The new year is in many ways a fresh start.  It is a time to set goals and work on organization in our lives after the beautiful chaos of the holidays.
I am very excited about this year for many reasons.  The creative projects I have chosen to immerse myself in bring me much happiness.  I look forward to sharing!  One of my goals is to do a more traditional style dance,  which I will attempt in March as the guest dancer at Moun of Tunis in West Hollywood.  I’m also enjoying group improvisation immensely.  My troupe, Heavy Metal, will be performing next at BFLA’s January 24 hafla in Eagle Rock.  Check out my performance calendar for all sorts of details.
What are your dance goals this year?  Let me know if I can help!  I’m having a special through the month of February:  LOVE YOUR SELF*LOVE YOUR DANCE.  Buy 2 private lessons get one free! That’s 3 hours of private instruction for $100.  Get in touch to book yours:  dancewithshoopATgmailDOTcom.
Classes are back in motion at Dance Garden LA.  Monday nights are mixed level drills, combinations and creative time.  I have a new class starting January 22, Tribal 101.  It’s a wonderful starting point for anyone who is tribal curious 🙂   Online classes are happening, the schedule always morphing.  Please get in touch if you would like to request a time.  There are also videos available for drills and full classes.  Check the classes page for full details.
Stay in touch through facebook;  

I look forward to dancing with you sometime soon!  Be sure to take great care of yourself, and remember that your life is perfect right now.  Hope you are enjoying it!

Much love and prosperity in the New Year~Shoop


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