Dancing into Fall!

I hope you are all enjoying the last bit of summer.  I’m busy in the studio with new pieces for upcoming shows, as well as producing BFLA’s big show Horror Cinema Classics Oct. 5.  I am going on a little vacation, and in the meantime my classes are being taught by amazing talents!  On Thursday 10am Sweat Shop the lovely IrinaXara will be teaching yoga and bellydance.  (through Sept. 5) On Monday, August 26 my troupe mates from Heavy Metal will lead the class in tribal improv. No class Labor Day!

Things will be back in full swing in September with Calico on the 21st and Moun of Tunis on the 24th.  Horror Cinema Classics Oct. 5 and a trip to Northern California in November.  Check my calendar page for more info. My online studio has a few drill videos available if you just want a quickie! http://www.powhow.com/classes/heather-shoopman-dance

Keep dancing and I’ll see you soon.  Shimmies~ Heather “Shoop”


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