Pre Natal Bellydance


This month I’m pleased to announce there will be 2 sessions of
Bellydancing for Pregnancy and Labor

February 2nd and 16th @ 10:30am
Birthing Women’s Health
454 N. Avenue 56 in Highland Park
Cost $10
 Awaken your inner goddess and learn the language connected to the feminine consciousness!!

Prenatal bellydance is an excellent preparation for the delivery room and beyond. 

In addition to creating a stronger connection with your baby, it will tone and strengthen all of the muscle groups needed for childbirth.  You will gain body awareness thereby helping you develop trust for your body. You will learn specific movements for calming the baby or to help them change positions during pregnancy, as well as moves to help support, stimulate and expel during birth. 

Bellydance also reduces pressure and tension in the body, so you can have a less painful birthing experience and an easier recovery. 

Continuing a post delivery dance practice will help with the adjustments your body and mind are making.  Beyond the physical advantages, bellydance also offers a terrific mental boost. It clears the mind, enhances your mood, energy level and self-image.

In class we will do light stretching, learn dance moves and their specific benefits, discuss self massage and end with a grounding, loving meditation. 

Pregnancy is the perfect time to explore bellydance, an ancient birth ritual created by women for women.


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