Come out tonight and play!

Friday 8/10  Theatrical Workout for your Dance
I am very excited about this class ToNiGhT!!  There are a few spaces left, so come on out.
I am finally putting my theatre degree to some use in the bellydance world. 
If you are interested in adding an element of drama/story to your performance, this class is for you!
Open those portals of your mind that will enrich your art,
adding layers of deep emotion….adding life…..adding YOU!

Holding space, Moving Slow and Game Face
Friday, August 10 from 7:30-9:30pm at DanceGardenLA

Class will begin with a stretch and vocal warm up sequence to awaken and connect the body and mind.
Drills will start off slow and decelerate to slow motion, with concentration on technical execution and feeling.
Each drill will be worked thru an emotional improv exercise to practice maintaining good facial expressions.
We will play theater games to awaken new ways to express your story.
The focus is on presence, connection, story and expansion of one’s energy during performance.
$35 @ door


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